Carole has become the second person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, although three have walked out.

The tabloid reporter was calm and reasoned during the eviction, saying, "We knew One Of Us had to go." And with 77.4 per cent of the public votes, it was Carole that was shown the door.

Although Carole was originally up against crooner Leo Sayer and the A-Team's Dirk "the faceman" Benedict, Leo walked out of the house voluntarily after he ran out of clean underpants. He told a bemused Davina, "It was the underpants... I'd run out and I didn't want to wash my smalls in front of everybody else."

Carole's eviction may well act as a warning not to mess with Big Brother. Carole found herself up for eviction after discussing nominations with actress Cleo Rocos, a big no-no for the housemates!

13/01/2007 11:58:15