Caoimhe has threatened to quit the 'Big Brother' house, again.

The pretty Irish student told John James and Corin that she was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the house.

She said: "It's not worth it. I don't need this to make my life, I don't want it as much as some people want it. When I get to a point when I know I should leave, I should leave."

After speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Caoimhe confessed to David and Steve that she was finding it difficult to cope.

She explained: "I hate to admit this, but I am not enjoying it."

However, housemates believe that Caoimhe may be worried about what the public think of her following Shabby's departure.

Many of the contestants believe that Shabby - who declared she was in love with Caoimhe before leaving the house at the beginning of the month (05.07.10) - was led on by Caoimhe during her stay.

David revealed to Corin: "I think she's worried how she's going to be portrayed on the outside. Since Shabby has gone it's been a downward spiral for her."

Caoimhe is up for eviction this week alongside Rachel.

The part-time DJ and the pretty former 'Pop Idol' contestant received the most nominations from their housemates, and will battle it out in the 'Save and Replace' task today - the third one in a row Caoimhe has taken part in - ahead of Friday night's eviction (23.07.10).

Outspoken Caoimhe received the most votes, with seven nominations, and was banned from taking part in nominations herself after begging housemates to choose her to go.

It has been reported the 'Save and Replace' task will see the pair don giant spider outfits and see who can climb out of a large bath the quickest.