Last night's opening night for Big Brother 8 saw an average 6.2 million tune in to see the latest housemates.

Channel 4's flagship reality TV show was down around 700,000 viewers on last year's viewing figures, although figures peaked at eight million when ITV1's British Soap Awards and BBC One's The Apprentice finished.

The show saw 11 female contestants enter the famous house, seven of whom are aged under 23.

BB bosses are hoping for a less controversial atmosphere in the house this year compared to the recent CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER series, which resulted in the well-documented race row incident between JADE GOODY, SHILPA SHETTY and other housemates.

Although all of this year's contestants so far have been women, only three are over 30, with the oldest being 60-year-old retired head-hunter Lesley, meaning they may have more in common and less chance of rowing.

Although, with its next trick Big Brother intends to introduce just one male contestant into the house on Friday - a move which could certainly provoke some interesting responses.

31/05/2007 15:08:22