British reality TV star JADE GOODY has been accused of punching a 51-year-old grandmother in the face after a row broke out at a London cinema on Sunday (05NOV06). The former Big Brother contestant allegedly split BRENDA SPARKS' nose open with her fist after a popcorn fight next to the star and her boyfriend JACK TWEEDY spiralled out of control. The pair were questioned by police before being allowed home. Tweedy denies his girlfriend started the brawl, insisting her punch was thrown to defend a teenager who was being bullied. He says, "Jade was amazing. She was defending a girl who was being picked on and was totally fearless. I'm so proud of her. "Jade was punched in the back by this woman (Sparks). Rather than run she stood her ground and whacked this woman a couple of times on the nose." Goody found fame in the 2002 series of hit UK show Big Brother, and has since appeared on a string of other reality programmes.