Brian has discovered why telling Nicky she should "let her hair down more" is a very bad idea.

Big Brother's fun-loving data entry clerk, 20, has been having a whale of a time in the house, getting on especially well with his fellow youngsters.

But when he wandered into the caravan to find Charley and Nicky catching up on a bit of sleep, his plaintive suggestions that they might join the rest of the group were not met positively.

"Don't come in here and say I need to let my hair down more," Nicky ranted at him.

"You seem to forget the average age is 20. I don't want to sit around cheerleading and flirting."

Brian's stammering replies completely failed to stem his house-mate's tirade as she pointed out that it was her choice as to whether she wore a bikini, kissed people, be thrown into the pool, joined in dance routines or pretended to be a cheerleader.

In carefully chosen diplomatic language, she shouted: "Why the **** should I? If I don't want to get involved I ******* won't."

12/07/2007 14:48:07