Big Brother housemate Brian has been given an unexpected birthday treat after entering the diary room today.

The recently-turned 20-year-old was told the truth about 'Pauline', the house's new contestant supposedly from Australia.

She is in fact, as Brian now knows, actually called Thaila Zucchi and is an English/Italian actress tasked by Big Brother with pretending to be Australian.

'Pauline' has also been instructed to carry out a series of mini-tasks which include eating other housemates' food off their plates and even out of their hands.

She must also lead a meditation class for the other housemates which will include a chanting session with an Australian theme.

Since entering the house Thaila has been swotting up on her Australian knowledge as she attempts to convince people she really is an Aussie going by the name of Pauline.

But now Brian knows, fans of the show wonder whether the youngster will tell someone about his new secret.

Big Brother has told Brian he must not tell anyone - including Pauline/Thaila - that he knows the intriguing twist.

10/07/2007 15:15:54