Russell Brand, the presenter of Big Brother spin-off show Big Brother's Big Mouth may not be around for the next series.

Appearing yesterday at the launch of Comic Relief, the comedian refused to verify whether he has signed on for the latest series.

"I don't know at this stage, it's difficult to say," said Brand. "I really wish I could tell you  I'd like nothing more than to give you information!"

However, his refusal to give reporters information could have been because the star, along with many other celebrities, was suffering a bout of sea sickness at the charity launch  which was later dubbed by some media as "Vomit Relief".

Girls Aloud members Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh and the Sugababes also reported feeling under the weather as the pleasure boat housing the launch rocked on the Thames.

Blonde Fearne left the microphone after telling the crowd that she was going to throw up.

"Some of the stars felt under the weather," a Comic Relief source told the Daily Star. "It was lucky we didn't go on a trip up the Thames or they'd have all been hanging over the sides."

01/02/2007 10:56:40