Bookies have paid out on Big Brother couple ZIGGY and CHANELLE having sex in the house, after the pair had a steamy session under the covers.

Chanelle, 19, was seen spending the night topless in bed with the 26-year-old model Ziggy, and had to ask him to hand her a top when she went to the toilet.

Cameras then caught Ziggy having to pull up his underwear to reach out of the bed and get it, prompting bookmakers to assume sexual frustration had got the better of the two.

A spokesman for Paddy Power told the Sun newspaper: "It's hard to say for absolutely certain if they did the deed or not.

"But it was definitely looking pretty steamy in that bedroom and we're sure that Ziggy and Chanelle actually did have sex. We're sorry to say that we'll definitely have to pay up on this one."

However, a Channel 4 spokesperson admitted they were not sure if the two had sex or not, but would certainly show the footage if they had.

21/06/2007 16:48:40