Billi has been named the bookies favourite to get dumped out of the Big Brother house tonight, although loudmouth Charley is favourite to leave next week.

The 25-year-old received seven votes having not endeared himself to the housemates, while his rivals in the eviction - Carole and Tracey - are liked by the public.

Nevertheless, Charley has managed to irritate viewers since the moment she stepped out of the limo to enter the house, but has managed to avoid the public vote so far.

Billi and Charley have had some fired up rows this week, prompting Big Brother to lock them in a 'Happy Room' to make sure they both cheered up and stopped squabbling.

However, Charley is still managing to infuriate housemates - especially Ziggy who last night asked to be removed from the house.

Another potential walker is Jonathan, who has admitted he has "reached the end of the road" in the house after being in there for just two weeks.

Tree surgeon Liam is still favourite to win, closely followed by twin Amanda and youngster Brian.

29/06/2007 16:24:59