Big Brother housemates Billi, Carole and Tracey have been nominated for eviction on Friday night.

All 14 housemates went into the diary room to nominate their two chosen contestants they most want to leave, but Billi and Charley were told their votes would not count as punishment for discussing nominations.

Excluding Billi and Charley's votes, Billi picked up seven nominations while Tracey and Carole received four each.

Among those who nominated Tracey were Amanda and Liam; the former saying that the self-confessed raver was "getting more wound up than most other housemates".

Liam picked up on Tracey's catchphrases and said: "Stop using them all the time and have a proper conversation."

Billi seems to have offended Chanelle enough for her to vote for him and the Victoria Beckham lookalike said she was worried about the effect he has on her relationship with Ziggy.

"He has caused a big thing between me and Zach  Billi started mentioning stuff like how we were [going to] be in a love triangle," she said.

"He stares at me and Zach whenever we are kissing, I don't think that's a normal thing to do."

Ziggy echoed Chanelle's comments, saying he hound Billi to be "very sly and a little bit slimy".

Charley also appears to be agitating Ziggy. The former boyband member said: She's got her ways about her, she's quite sly, she likes to play people off each other. I just don't trust her."

27/06/2007 11:57:39