Mathew Horne and James Corden have entered the Big Brother house as part of their celebrity hijacker role.

The Big Brother's Big Mouth presenting duo has been set a secret task of getting on side of all the non-celebrity contestants.

But Mat and James, best known for award-winning BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey, were thrown in at the deep end after their less-than-kind impressions of the remaining nine housemates were played to the house.

"Can I just say, that truly, from the bottom of our hearts, we could never imagine how intense it is in here," James said as a way of an apology.

Fat Friends actor James added: "Today is our way to apologise for the messages we recorded, and ask for your forgiveness. So, we've made you a nice breakfast, we've cleared up and we've got you some presents.

"The only thing is you can't use the diary room today. We're Big Brother, so we're going to see you face to face."

To succeed in their secret task, Mat and James must generate enough love among the housemates for them to voluntarily give each other a group hug.

So far their strategy has centred on shoulder rubs, despite Scottish youth parliament leader John looking less than comfortable.

"We're not like other hijackers," Mat pressed on, oblivious to John's squirming.

"This is not a hijack," added James. "This is a hijack of love."

20/01/2008 13:01:14