Big Brother housenmate Rex has expressed is concerns about his girlfirend Nicole after she told him she was unhappy in the house.

Unable to sleep last night, Rex returned to the living room to air his concerns to Rachel, Kat and Darnell.

He revealed Nicole had earlier told him of her unhappiness in the house and her worries about being booed on her exit.

Kat, Darnell and Rachel told Rex they could tell Nicole was unhappy. "If she wanted to be on Big Brother, she would have auditioned," stated Darnell, adding: "She only came here to be with you."

Nicole had earlier told Rex as they cuddled in bed that it was "very hard" for her to be in the house, going as far as to say: "It's probably ruined my whole life." She reasoned that she will now only ever be known as 'Rex's girlfriend from Big Brother'.

Rex was then unable to sleep and confessed in the living room: "I don't think for her it was the right decision to come on the show. I feel really sorry for her, she's obviously not as strong as she thought she was."

He went on to say that her entrance had made the show much more than a game for him, as his life was being affected.

17/08/2008 17:02:46