The Big Brother housemates has been handed a 'Little House of Horrors' task.

Following the discovery this morning (18.08.09) that each of the housemates has a grave erected in the back garden, they found out they will be transformed into various figures from horror movies for their weekly shopping task.

Housemates will belong to one of the following groups: Werewolves, Vampires, Skeleton and Headless Horseman, Mummies or Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster.

Werewolves must stand on a rock in the living room, reveal their inner werewolf costume and stand howling with their arms outstretched for the duration of a werewolf's howl played into the house.

Vampires have to hang upside down from a church roof erected in the garden by their legs for seven minutes.

Meanwhile Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster will take part in a 'scientific experiment' - removing ten 'organs' from a 'corpse' laid out in one of the house's rooms. The 'organs' have to be removed with a special metal tool, which will be connected to the Monster's buttocks. If the Doctor touches a mesh around the corpse while removing the 'organ' the Monster will get a sharp electrical shock in their bottom.

The Skeleton and Headless Horseman and the Mummies will face their challenges tomorrow.

There will also be a Ghost Train visiting the house, and on hearing a whistle announcing its arrival, the housemates must walk around the garden like zombies.

Housemates have to pass three of their five challenges to ensure a luxury shopping budget for the next week.