The 'Big Brother' contestants have been set a mystery task.

If they succeed, the housemates will add another £10,000 to the winner's prize money, but they have not been told what the task entails.

Big Brother called them into the large task room, which was full of puzzles and challenges including a padlock with hundreds of keys, bottles filled with water and a bowl of custard and apples.

He then told the group that they would pass when the Pass or Fail meter reached a "pass mark".

But Sophie, David, Lisa, Siavash, Charlie and Rodrigo were not told that all they have to do to pass the challenge is leave the room.

The task has the housemates stumped, with David telling Lisa he thinks it is "impossible" to complete.

He said: "It's confusing, Lisa! It's impossible! We might as well go in and make scrambled eggs from the eggs."

Lisa replied: "They're just playing with us, aren't they?"

The housemates eventually solved the task, bringing the total prize money up to £26,000.