'Big Brother' housemates staged a talent contest last night (05.06.09).

A 'Britain's Got Talent' style showcase was staged by the reality TV hopefuls shortly after midnight.

Most of the contestants paired off for the show. First act, Charlie and Karly, performed a song from the musical 'Grease'. They were followed by a dance routine from official housemates Kris and Lisa.

The youngest contestant, 18-year-old Cairon, showed some real talent as he performed one of his own raps.

Freddie - now known as Halfwit, after officially changing his name by deed poll to become a housemate - also sang, but doesn't receive the same warm reception as Cairon.

Angel performed a body-popping dance routine as housemates clapped along.

Marcus was next and attempted to break the world record for the most amount of swearing in one minute of television - by repeating the word "f**k" over and over.

Sophie - now officially Dogface, after she joined Freddie in changing her name - then took her new moniker seriously by getting on all fours, barking and licking herself clean while performing for her 'master' Rodrigo.

Saffia next did a very convincing impression of croaky voiced cartoon character Marge Simpson, earning her a hug from an impressed Lisa.

Indian student Sree ended the show with a bizarre half dance, which it became apparent was an attempt to mimic Michael Jackson.

The housemates then decided Cairon was the best performer, followed by Kris and Lisa then Sophie and Rodrigo third.

Cairon was then presented with a wine glass as his prize and gave an emotional acceptance speech.