Big Brother 8 saw its first male contestant enter the house last night, much to the amusement of the formally all-female assemble.

Ziggy, a former boy-band member of the now defunct Northern Line, entered the house to a racket of squeals and screams from the ladies.

He then enquired "who's going to show me around?" before the incumbent housemates surrounded him. Laura encouraged the rest of the contestants to "give the guy some space" before Ziggy entered the diary room for more revelations.

Big Brother gave him an envelope to read out to the other housemates that said: "Next week only one housemate will be allowed to nominate. That housemate will be me. I and I alone will decide who faces the public vote."

The former boy-band wannabe then smiled and said to his fellow housemates: "You all have to be very nice to me."

Ziggy, 26, is from London and describes his occupation as a music producer and promoter.

He said his dream job would be to emulate Hugh Hefner and if he could create a new law it would be to add a 'national short skirt day'.

The latest Big Brother contestant is also in it to win it, with some of his fighting talk including: "No one remembers those who come in second place; I've been taught to win."

After finding himself in a house full of women, Ziggy's aim to find romance in the house now seems apt, although he did remark he would miss his dog.

02/06/2007 11:20:47