'Big Brother' has set the remaining seven non-housemates a biscuit dunking challenge.

To officially be inducted to the show, contestants must all compete a personal task.

Seven of the present contestants are now vying for four places in the house, the rest will face the public vote to be evicted on Sunday.

Big Brother's latest challenge is to see who is best at dunking biscuits in tea.

The seven contestants - Angel, Beinazir, Cairon, Marcus, Sophia, Sree and Siavash - are presently being called into the diary room where before them is a selection of three biscuits - Custard Cream, Bourbon and Chocolate Digestive - and a cup of tea.

The contestant must select one and dunk it in the tea for as long as they think the biscuit can stand with out falling apart.

Big Brother will time this and if the contestant's biscuit stays in one piece for five seconds after being withdrawn from the tea, their time will be recorded.

The one with the longest dunk wins a guaranteed place in the house.

Earlier this morning non-housemates Siavash and Cairon were talking about the current situation.

Siavash Sabbaghpour said: "If you do the task, you'll get in. Because they're not hard. That's the point."

Cairon added: "And every time someone gets in there is more pressure. The first five, we weren't even thinking. But yesterday there was more five more chances.

"From now on, I'm on it."

Siavash concluded: "The tenseness in this house... It's tense."