Big Brother has selected an all-girl house in a surprise start to this year's reality series.

However before the show's presenter Davina McCall introduced the 11 women, Channel 4 aired an apology over complaints concerning the treatment of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during the last run of the celebrity version of the programme.

TV regulator Ofcom had ordered the move following complaints the star had been the victim of alleged racist bullying by fellow celebrity housemates.

Once the formalities were concluded, McCall gave viewers a brief tour of the house before introducing its new residents.

First up were 18-year-old identical twins Sam and Amanda, who entered their new home wearing matching outfits and clutching lollipops.

"Oh my God its Pink," squealed Amanda admiring the decor.

Like her twin, she admits to being addicted to boys, partying and "all things pink and fluffy".

Next to enter the house was Big Brother's oldest housemate to date, 60-year-old retired head hunter and Women's Institute member, Lesley.

"We're twins," shrieked Amanda and Sam as they introduced themselves to their stunned new housemate with a statement of the obvious.

Former lap dancer Charley, 21, received less than a warm welcome from the crowd gathered outside the Big Brother house, with the cousin of Manchester United's Kieran Richardson booed as she made her way to meet her new friends.

Pink-haired raver Tracey entered the house next, followed by 19-year-old student and Victoria Beckham wannabe Chanelle - who admits taking part in the show in order to become famous.

Temp Shabnam, 22, and indie-loving drama student Emily, 19, then joined the party before Welsh nanny Laura, 23, and accounts executive Nicky, 27, were introduced.

Political activist Carole, 53, the last to enter the house, got the biggest cheer of the night.

"I milked it," she told her fellow contestants on entering the Big Brother compound.

Once the door to the house was locked it didn't take Big Brother's new residents long to figure out that they were an all-women household.

But the girly gang is set for a possible surprise on Friday, with McCall hinting last night that there may soon be a man about the house.

31/05/2007 08:05:55