Brian Belo, winner of this year's Big Brother, has been approached by the bookseller Borders to front its Shakespeare Made Simple campaign.

The company is planning to produce a series of podcasts explaining the Bard's work in plain English.

Despite knowing next to nothing about Shakespeare, Borders is hoping Brian's disarming personality and newfound celebrity will help make the downloads popular with youngsters.

Brian fought off competition from Ziggy and twins Sam and Amanda to win the eighth season of the controversial reality show in a viewers' vote last Friday.

During the show he famously asked fellow housemates: "Did this Shakespeare geezer direct Romeo and Juliet then?"

When corrected, he revealed: "I didn't really pay much attention at school."

Previous Big Brother winners have enjoyed mixed fortunes since returning to real life.

Last year's winner, Pete Bennett, has tried to launch a music career, while Brian Dowling, who won Big Brother in 2001, is currently appearing in another reality programme, Hell's Kitchen, on ITV.

07/09/2007 11:21:00