The 'Big Brother' house has been given an 'Italy' task.

In order to win a luxury shopping budget for this week, the housemates must complete a series of Italia stereotypes to live up to - including running a gelato shop, acting as professional footballers and Three Tenors.

The housemates woke to find the ice cream shop erected in the back garden of the house, alongside a replica Leaning Tower of Pisa.

After learning the task instructions from Big Brother, the team set about dividing up the various roles.

Marcus said: "People who know how to do stuff good should do that. The ice cream task is the easiest to fail, so if you can't do anything, you should do that."

Sophie - aka Dogface - and Sree are now manning the gelato stand and will be required to make ices whenever Big Brother phones in an order.

Karly, Freddie - aka Halfwit - and Rodrigo are training as tenors, in order to perform a rendition of 'Nessun Dorma' at the climax of the two-day task.

Siavash is the resident fashion expert, and will have to make sure the house keeps up with the latest trends, set by Big Brother.

Kris and Charlie are now footballers and will have to give a demonstration of a passionate goal celebration every time they hear Big Brother play a clip of a sports commentator shouting "GOALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIO!"

Lisa is the sports reporter, and will have to learn how to predict football scores.

Meanwhile Noirin and Marcus are renaissance artists, charged with creating beautiful works for Big Brother from paint and clay.

The housemates have to pass three of the challenges in order to win a luxury budget for the house. If they fail, they will have the minimal £1 per head per day budget which they have survived off since failing last weeks 'Tudors' task.