The 'Big Brother' housemates have been set a 'puppet pop groups' dancing task.

In order to ensure they win a luxury shopping budget for the week, the housemates have been given puppets and told to form a boyband to perform Take That hit 'Could It Be Magic' and Girl Band to recreate Girls Aloud hit 'Something Kinda Ooh'.

One of the housemates will be the task leader, and therefore be a member of both bands, and have more work to do than the others.

The rest of the housemates will pair up to control the puppets with one person moving the body and legs, and the other responsible for the arms. They will have to learn the relevant dance routine for their song and the puppets will be dressed up to resemble the real band members.

The contestants will be judged to have passed or failed based on how well they managed to recreate the choreography of the original routines for the songs.