'Big Brother' housemates were handed a dancing task this afternoon.

The housemates have been asked with performing a dance routine to the musical number 'Ole Bamboo' from the stage show 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

The housemates nominated the excited Charlie as 'Dance Leader' to perform the entire energetic routine. The other 12 housemates will split into three groups and accompany his for different parts of the dance.

If the housemates perform the routine to a satisfactory standard, they will win a luxury shopping budget for the week.

Upon learning of the task Freddie - aka Halfwit - said: "This is the best kind of Task. It's very achievable, and dancing is fun."

Things got off to a smooth start, but Marcus soon became incensed with a face-painted Sree who he warned about getting in the way while he is learning his part of the routine.

Marcus, 35, said: "If you star t f***ing about when we're learning you'll be in trouble. I'll keep up my end of the bargain, you don't f**k about . You have trouble concentrating is all I am saying."

After his dressing down from Marcus, Indian student Sree spoke with Karly in the house bedroom.

He said: "Don't worry Karly, people are stupid and they think they're at school. I'm not moaning, but they've got not respect. They have no manners."

He also said he loves performing and even has a "professional certificate" for dancing from school.

Model Karly later told Sophie - aka Dogface -she felt sorry for him, saying: "It's a shame, because Marcus has put Sree down before he's even started. It's not fair.