The strain of coming up with new and innovative tasks in the Big Brother house has finally taken its toll on producers, who today tasked housemates with inventing their own challenges.

After supplying paired up contestants with a chalkboard, 20 random words designed to inspire and a £100 budget, Big Bro will later decide which task is the best and then set housemates the challenge of completing it.

Carole, Sam and Amanda (the twins counting as one person for the purposes of the task) were the first to come to the diary room to present their task vision, which involved a 'circle of fun', otherwise known as a dartboard.

"The categories we've got are food, drink, physical, impersonate, game, dare, Kiss and clothes," Amanda explained.

"The lower the score, the more likely it is to be a forfeit, and the higher the score, the more likely it is to be very good," Carole continued.

"So if you get number one, which is really bad, you'll be drinking tomato ketchup," Sam warned.

"There's also a suck and blow game where you have to suck and blow paper into other people's mouths," she added.

Team Brian and Liam meanwhile a little predictably invented a hard-partying task that featured a 'tunnel of death', later downgraded to the 'tunnel of furry love' after Big Brother protested it did not want any dead housemates on its hands.

And finally, Jonty and Ziggy suggested a quasi-roleplay game involving prisons camps and Abraham Lincoln.

"I think the housemates will love it," Jonty said.

"The twist is there is a big war at the end, and the money will be spent on water guns and water pistols."

27/08/2007 18:39:49