Newest Big Brother housemate Nicole has endured a hellish first day on the reality TV show.

Just hours into her Big Brother 9 career the student has failed a task; lost her clothes; been separated from her boyfriend; and told to clean up spilled spaghetti.

Nicole – who is Rex's girlfriend - arrived in the house on Friday night as evicted Luke left.

But the pair's sneaky attempts to be placed together in the 'hell side' of the house backfired when the London chef overestimated the alphabetical abilities of his housemates.

Rex took about two minutes to recite the alphabet backwards – today's task - in what he thought was a slow time.

In fact it was taking Sara and Stuart, some of the house's quickest learners, almost five minutes to complete the task, while Nicole, 19, struggled.

"X, Y, W," was her first attempt, and nine, long, painful minutes later she was done. "Finally... I'm so awful!"

Nicole was promptly put in 'hell' alongside Mikey and Kat, leaving Rex with the other housemates in 'heaven'.

Things went from bad to worse for Nicole when Big Brother refused to pass on her suitcase for rule-breaking, while Rex twisted the knife by quizzing the student how she could afford a whole set of new outfits.

A tearful Nicole later told Big Brother that she 'couldn't be herself' without her clothes and that the separation was even more difficult to stomach than being separated from Rex.

03/08/2008 23:00:00