Lisa Appleton had predicted that she will struggle to pretend that she and Mario Marconi are not a couple on Big Brother 9.

The pair were the first to enter the house and after being joined by Stephanie McMichael and Luke Marsden, were summoned to the diary room were given a secret task which could see them avoiding eviction next week.

Should Mario (42) and Steph (19) convince the 12 housemates unaware of the ruse that they are a genuine couple, they, along with Lisa and Luke, will be exempt from eviction next week, with the remaining dozen facing the public vote.

But with the task set to include a fake wedding between Mario and Steph, Lisa confided in Big Brother that she expects to find if hard to cope with being apart from her boyfriend of three years.

Entering the diary room just before 02:00 on her first night in the house, Lisa explained that while she may be reacting well to watching Mario and Steph's fake partnership, she expected to struggle increasingly throughout the next week, with any physical contact between herself and Mario likely to give the game away.

Mario had earlier told Luke that he thought the ramifications of the task were "a shame".

"Lisa's face just sort of dropped," he told the 20-year-old student.

"We'd only been in here ten minutes, and she was bouncing, and she's just... oh my God. It is hard, and I'm feeling it for her."

He also explained that he worries about Steph's ability to "play it cool" during the coming days.

07/06/2008 00:01:04