Housemates were left wondering whether Big Brother was playing mind games when Mohamed's conversation with Big Brother in the Diary Room was broadcast to the whole house apparently by mistake today.

The day had started well for Mohamed's as housemates joined him to celebrate his birthday by dressing up as each other

All, that is, except Alexandra and Sylvia who failed to see the funny side with Alex complaining the other cross dressing housemates were "making her feel sick."

While Big Brother couple, Mario and Lisa dressed up as each other Alex went to the Diary Room to complain,

“I’m horrified!” she said. “There are guys dressed up as girls, girls dressed up as guys, wow, Big Brother, wow. I’m scared!”

She added she couldn't believe Mohamed would do that, adding: “He’s making me sick. I can’t believe he’s done this … just when he was getting kind of cool, cool’s gone out the window”.

Big Brother later asked Mohamed if Alex had explained to him why she didn’t join in the party and Mohamed said she hadn't, only for Big Brother to then ask: “how does it make you feel that Alex didn’t join in?”

This was broadcast to the other housemates causing a debate as to whether it was intentional or accidental.

Alex pounced on Mohamed as soon as he left the Diary Room saying: “We need to talk” and soon another argument was underway.

“You, like me, is a Muslim. There are things that we do and things that we don‘t do," Alex said.

"Yes we both smoke, and yes we both drink, that’s bad enough in itself. But you took it an extra level today which made me really, really uncomfortable.”

Mohamed replied that if he wanted to cross dress that’s his business.

But Alex continued: “I’m simply saying to you, as a Muslim, as a man, I look to you and expect more”.

Big Brother late apologised to Mohamed for the error.

17/06/2008 23:00:00