The 'Big Brother' housemates stole ice-cream this afternoon (01.07.09)

Fed up with the heat and the gelato stand task, the housemates decided to rebel and eat the ice cream designated for the challenge, as they believe they have failed that area of this week's 'Italia90' task.

After initial deliberations Freddie (Halfwit) was sent to the Diary Room to find out if they would be permitted to eat the ice cream.

Upon his return, he said: "They said look in the rules. They were evasive."

Siavash was sceptical. He told the group: "Let's just leave the f******g ice cream alone. We can't leave it alone for one day? Everyone's sitting around moaning about getting a Task, then as soon as we get a Task everyone's like 'I'm sick, I'm tired, when is it finished?' "

After another 15 minutes of squabbles, the 11 housemates - who are famished after surviving on a budget diet of £1 of food a day since last Wednesday - agreed to take a vote on it and decided their best course of action would be to eat the ice cream, prompting a stampede toward the house's stocks.

All the housemates shouted out their selections, with Charlie asking for: "Strawberry on one side, chocolate on the other."

Marcus ordered: "Mint choc chip. And a few flakes, and some nuts and whatnot."