Big Brother housemates won themselves a luxury shopping budget this week by performing a dance routine, despite the imprisonment of their choreographer.

Darnell and Dennis were sent to the Big Brother prison for talking about nominations, telling fellow housemates they were being punished for talking about "the chaperone process" on "Day 14".

Their cover was blown in the diary room, however. Luke asked Big Brother why he had "thrown a spanner" by putting the task choreographer in jail.

Big Brother replied: "Luke, when housemates break the fundamental rule of discussing nominations they will be punished, which is what has happened to Dennis and Darnell".

Luke said: "Oh what have they done? Leave them in there then…. Thank you Big Brother, you have been very enlightening."

Despite the setback, Dale, Rex, Stuart and Sylvia performed the music-video recreation task successfully and Big Brother confirmed the group won.

Meanwhile Sylvia, who this week faces eviction, confessed to Jennifer that she thinks Dale is "looking really foxy tonight," causing friction between the two.

Jennifer insisted in the Diary Room that she is "just friends" with Dale.

26/06/2008 22:00:00