Two Big Brother housemates are hoping to fool their fellow contestants they are a couple with fake wedding to be staged on the Channel 4 show.

Within minutes of entering the house on Thursday, Mario Marconi, 42, and real partner Lisa Appleton, 40, were set a secret task to hide their romance.

Instead, Mario was told to pretend Stephanie McMichael, 19, was his girlfriend even though they had only just met.

Lisa and a fourth housemate, student Luke Marsden, 20, are the only others who know the secret and the quartet will face a public eviction vote if they fail to convince the others that Mario and Stephanie are really in love.

Mario proposed to Stephanie on Friday and Big Brother told housemates the wedding will take place today.

The groom-to-be asked blind housemate Michael Hughes, 33, to be his best man.

But despite making plans for his big day, housemates’ suspicions are still aroused by the mismatched pair.

Alexandra, Jennifer, Lisa, Luke and Michael have all quizzed Mario about why he and Stephanie had such unorthodox sleeping arrangements for a supposed romantic couple.

Since entering the house the pair have been taking turns to sleep alone in the bed they were allocated in the Big Brother house. According to Mario, it is because he is “too big” to sleep in a small area alongside a partner.

08/06/2008 11:28:54