The CELEBRITY Big Brother house has united in glee as the housemates have passed the dreaded servant task.

Having already dispatched loony attention-seeker Donny Tourette and ailing oldie Ken Russell, the task came to an end today with the housemates happy the ordeal is over.

The shackles of BIG BROTHER's class system was a little too much for some, as waiting on JADE GOODY and her family would probably be too much for anyone, but the fame-hungry celebrities are now chuffed with the result.

Life was turned upside down for the celebs when JADE, boyfriend JACK TWEEDY and her mum JACKIEY entered the house on Friday, but the family from hell have provided what we have come to expect from the GOODY clan  mostly annoyance mixed with a bemused compulsion to watch them more.

JACKIEY in particular has managed to force elderly film maker KEN RUSSELL from the house after opening her mouth, with the old gent labelling her an "evil nutter" as he left.

One endearing moment came when JACKIEY tried to explain her sudden and violent bouts of wind by saying: "If I knew they were coming I'd run to the toilet, but I never do know. I've never followed through though."

The housemates will have another task set soon.

08/01/2007 17:28:54