Big Brother contestant Emily Parr has been removed from the house after using a racially offensive word.

She was removed in the early hours of this morning when she used the word to a fellow housemate.

Emily was dancing with housemates Charley and Nicky in the living room of the house yesterday evening when she was heard to use the word.

She then made it clear that she had not intended to offend anyone and that her comment had been meant as a joke. But both Charley and Nicky expressed shock at Emily's use of the word and Channel 4 has elected to remove her from the house.

Channel 4 has said the comment was not screened as part of the 'as live' streaming on E4 and was reported to senior production staff at Endemol. Senior executives then took the decision to remove Emily.

She was called to the diary room at 03:30 BST on Thursday and was told she would be removed immediately with no further contact with the other housemates. They were told of the decision at 09:30 BST this morning.

The eviction vote has now been suspended as Emily was one of the housemates nominated this week, along with Shabnam.

Angela Jain, head of Big Brother commissioning team at Channel 4, said: "I think people watching the show tonight will agree that Emily spoke carelessly rather than maliciously  certainly Charley and Nicky, the two housemates most directly involved in the conversation with her, seem to accept that she did.

"In the wake of Celebrity Big Brother we must consider the potential offence to viewers regardless of Emilys intentions and her housemates response."

Celebrity Big Brother was embroiled in a racism row involving allegations that the eventual winner Shilpa Shetty was exposed to racist bullying from some of the other housemates.

07/06/2007 10:25:16