As part of this week's task the Big Brother contestants are to face five separate challenges based on time.

The housemates must pass three or more of the challenges to receive a 'luxury' food budget of five pounds per person per day, if they fail to do so they will receive a basic budget of one pound per head per day.

The five tasks include: the construction of a giant pocket watch using cogs, wheels and other parts by two of the housemates, an archaeological dig where three housemates will have to date the objects they unearth and the formation of a human clock using all housemates apart from the head of house.

The other two challenges include all the housemates from hell involved in an alarm task where they must enter the task room and turn of an alarm clock which will go off intermittently over the next two days.

The fifth task involves housemates from hell keeping the sand flowing in a giant egg timer for the next 48 hours.

Dale, who is head of the house, will decide which housemates will under take the challenges.

22/07/2008 11:13:27