Siavash is refusing to apologise to Noirin.

The Iranian housemate is sticking to his original story in the argument which has divided the 'Big Brother' house.

Last night (08.07.09) the housemates fell out after Siavash told Noirin he had heard she was a "rabbit" who "hops about" between the different social groups in the house.

Noirin took this badly and had a huge argument with Siavash and his friend Freddie, because she thinks he made it up.

Karly, Kris, Charlie and Lisa - who make up 'The Group' which Saivash thinks has been moaning about Noirin - all deny having said anything about Noirin.

This morning (09.07.09), in a conversation with Marcus, Siavash was unrepentant.

He said: "Either people have said, and thought what I said, about her being a rabbit, or not. But I'll be fine because I was telling the truth."

Marcus told him to stick to his argument, and added he was only trying to help or warn Noirin.

Saivash continued: "What I said was, I think everyone in here - well, not everyone - but The Group, said, 'They think you're a rabbit, and I think they have a nickname for you of rabbit or bunny or something'.

"I never said anyone told me, I said I think that. I assume it. I'm either right and they do say that about her. Or I could be wrong and they don't, and then I take the blame. But I think they do, so I'm not worried."