Big Brother threw the housemates a Mexican-inspired party yesterday (14.08.10).

All housemates won a spike-free cactus and were treated to music they had chosen as they played games of musical chairs, musical statues and musical bumps.

JJ and Mario wore taco costumes while the others were dressed in sombreros and ponchos as they headed out to the living to start the festivities.

Sam won musical chairs and tried to wind up David by saying whoever was victorious was immune from eviction until the final.

However, David wasn't having any of it, telling a laughing Sam, "I don't believe that for a second."

Corin won musical bumps and Mario was victorious in musical statues but housemates were impressed by the party.

David said: "We had to spew and do all that earlier for a c***py party and a cactus!"

He later added sarcastically: "Well, what a party that was. All 20 minutes of it. Rock and roll."