JADE GOODY and her family have seemingly slashed CELEBRITY Big Brother'S ratings single-handedly, after viewing figures fell by more than half since they entered the house.

Although Channel 4 has maintained that this year's viewing figures are in line with last year's, some viewers seem to feel that bringing back mouthy ex-housemate JADE GOODY, her boyfriend JACK TWEEDY and mother JACKIEY has backfired big time.

The presence of the Goodys has already been enough to send the all-swearing, all-drinking LIAM GALLAGHER-wannabe DONNY TOURETTE packing, along with the snoring machine that is KEN RUSSELL.

However, a Channel 4 spokesman told the Daily Mail that the lack of viewers was not down to JADE and her family, but is just a normal drop in ratings after the initial show.

"After five days, the average for this series is 4.7 million. Last year's series average was 4.8 million so there is barely any difference," he said.

The launch show last week hit 7.1 million viewers, although by Saturday  the day after the Goodys moved in  this had dropped to just 2.8 million.

09/01/2007 11:12:24