The Big Brother reality series, which has courted controversy in its various incarnations internationally, has touched off a new storm, this time in Australia, after it was disclosed that one of the contestants in the show's "house" was not told that her father died nearly a week ago. Producers responded that the father of Emma Cornell had expressly asked before he died that she not be informed of his death. "Everybody who is part of Big Brother is very sympathetic to her situation," the producers said in a statement. Cornell's boyfriend, Tim Stanton, confirmed that it was the family's wish that she not be told. Meanwhile, U.K. broadcasting regulator OFCOM has ruled that the British version of Big Brother on commercial network Channel 4 made "serious errors of judgment" when it aired racial remarks by Big Brother contestants about Indian star Shilpa Shetty earlier this year. The channel vowed to tighten its rules. CEO Andy Duncan said, "We apologized then, and we apologize again. We did let ourselves down, and we take it very seriously."