Dave and Steve's wives enjoyed a cup of tea in the 'Big Brother' garden this afternoon (29.07.10).

As part of this week's 'Ignore the Obscure' shopping task, the house are not allowed to react to any strange goings on in the compound - but the two women are causing quite a stir with the males in the house.

'Big Brother's official twitter read: "14:52 Dave & Steve's partners have popped round for a cup of tea in the Garden... and the boys are finding them hard to ignore! (sic)"

Although they were unable to talk to their men, the two women were treated to a luxurious treat as a man in a tuxedo entered the compound and set them up a table and chair in the garden.

After sipping cream teas for a few minutes, the women left and Steve and Dave raced to the Diary Room together - which is the only place housemates are able to discuss the task.

As they headed over, Christian minister Dave admitted he had "a lot of love in his belly" now.

The compound has been full of many bizarre goings on since the task started yesterday (28.07.10), including a group of tourists who rushed around the rooms taking photos of themselves alongside the housemates as though they were tourist attractions.

Last night (29.07.10), an estate agent took a young couple on a tour around the property and a group of people wearing gorilla suits invaded the compound.