Big Brother 9 contestant Alexandra De-Gale has laid into fellow housemate Rebecca Shiner after a row over who should cook.

Rebecca, a 22-year-old nursery nurse, had volunteered to prepare the evening meal only to burn the chips, angering her fellow housemates.

Alexandra and Sylvia Barrie accused Rebecca of cooking the meal as a means to winning the affections of fellow housemates while dancer Dennis McHugh labelled Rebecca "fake".

"Is it agreed to let [professional chef] Rex [Newmark] cook the actual meals then?" Rebecca asked after her chip error. "I'm happy to step out, but I didn't wanna like, not do anything and then have people saying, 'Ooh, you haven't been helping'."

"Who cares what people are gonna say?" Alexandra retorted.

"I do really apologise for cooking the chips wrong," Rebecca added, "I didn't purposely mean to ruin the chips."

Sylvia was unmoved by Rebecca's apologies, however, and added: "No one's gonna say, 'Oh, you're not helping'. If you wanna clean, clean 'cause you wanna clean, don't clean 'cause you think, 'Oh, I'm gonna clean, they're gonna like me'. Bull****'!

"That sort of thing just gets on my ****."

Alexandra then added: "I can cook, but why am I bothering to waste everyone else's time with my simple efforts?

"It's not a case of trying - I'm not gonna try and do something that I know for a fact that I can't do. We're in a situation where it affects everybody else."

Following the argument, model Jennifer Clark told Sylvia and Dale Howard the spat had revealed a lack of trust in the house.

"The thing I've learnt today is that it's pointless caring about people because when you do it gets thrown back in your face," she said.

10/06/2008 08:08:49