Big Brother 9 contestant Rebecca Shiner nominated fellow housemate Rex Newmark for eviction due to his "big head".

Rex and Belinda Harris-Reid are to face the public vote on Friday.

The 24-year-old chef has been nominated for the second time while new entrant Belinda, 44, has irritated housemates with her loud snoring.

"I really get on with Rex but I find it hard to live with him, he's got a big head," Rebecca, 21, explained.

Lisa Appleton earmarked Rex to face the public vote for his "really sarcastic nasty manner" while Luke Marsden blamed Rex for repeatedly making mistakes with the house budget.

Darnell Swallow admitted that his nomination of his friend Rex was "a betrayal".

"I'm a backstabbing b*****d, but he totally doesn't want to be here.

"To him it's boring and he just wants to see his girlfriend and there are people who would have really wanted to be here."

Maysoon Shaladi, who entered the house at the same time as Belinda, said the theatre director "has always got something better to say" while Mikey Hughes called Belinda the "biggest nosey parker I have ever met in my entire life".

Rex labelled Belinda's loud snoring as "ridiculous" and Stuart Pilkington complained that "you can't have a conversation" with the mother of two.

"It's like an interrogation," he added. "It's like question time with Belinda… about a week ago I loved swing music but now I hate it!"

One of the two contestants will be evicted from Big Brother during Friday night's live show.

16/07/2008 09:16:55