Big Brother housemates Rex and Nicole's relationship is at breaking point as they continued to squabble.

The couple have frequently argued since Nicola's arrival in the house nearly three weeks ago with the 19-year-old worried she will be seen as Rex's girlfriend and nothing else.

But the pair made little effort to separate their relationship drama from the rest of the house as they rowed over Nicole being left to sleep on her own.

Rex had spent the night in the B block bedroom with Nicole in a bad mood but returned in the morning to see if his girlfriend was "feeling better".

However, she replied that Rex, 24, had upset her and she was "crying her eyes out" and he had chosen to leave her alone.

"It makes me want to leave even more", she added.

Attempting to make peace, Rex replied that he had wanted to give her giving her space and that had not wanted to argue with her.

But Nicole snapped: "Rex, it has nothing to do with arguing. You could have seen if I was alright.

"You left me here all by myself and I couldn't sleep an inch... all you were interested in was being by yourself having fun in there."

Attempting to console Nicole after her row with Rex, Lisa told the student that her time in the house "would be easier if you didn't have a boyfriend".

Meanwhile, Mohamed said he was prepared to drink a shot of sunflower oil, one of olive oil and another of chilli in exchange for a can of cider.

When challenged further, he accepted the dare of eating one of Mikey's bogeys.

19/08/2008 23:06:01