Big Brother 9 contestant Luke Marsden has been dumped by his girlfriend for his on-show flirting.

Luke, 21, has become one of the favourites to win the ninth series of the reality show with his burgeoning friendship with Rebecca Shiner, also 21, attracting viewers.

But his girlfriend prior to entering the house has reportedly dumped the student after seeing Luke and Rebecca grow increasingly close in the house.

Gina Bannister, 17, first met Luke in summer 2007 while working part-time at a bread factory and the pair began dating.

But speaking to the Sun newspaper on Wednesday, Gina has revealed she is ending her relationship with part-time wrestling MC Luke over his flirting with Rebecca.

"I don't think Luke and Bex have had sex but they have been caught kissing and that left me in tears," she said.

"Luke is a great guy, funny, charming and I thought we had something special before he disappeared to go into the house.

"He told his family about Big Brother but not me - he lied and said he had to go to London for a few weeks on jury service.

"Next thing I know he was on my TV - but I stayed loyal and printed up T-shirts to support him and wore them round my college."

She added: "Now he is walking all over me by kissing Bex and I've had enough.

"It's his 21st birthday [today] and his present from me is being dumped because I just can't take the humiliation any more."

Bookmaker Sky Bet has reportedly cut the odds on Luke and Rebecca having sex before the end of the series to just 6/1.

16/07/2008 11:48:07