The housemates on the ninth series of Big Brother failed in their attempt to fight their way out of a paper bag.

In the relay task, the first team member was to don their personalised paper bag and stand within the marked area in front of their team bench, before tagging the next housemate in their team after fighting their way completely out of their paper bag.

Rex Newmark, Dale Howard and Stuart Pilkington were the first to start the relay, with Stuart successfully beating his way through the bag before Dale's initial struggle was followed by his shouting of advice at his team-mates.

New housemates Maysoon Shaladi's team were the first to finish while Lisa Appleton - part of Sara Folino's team - took some nine minutes to escape from her bag.

While the housemates were found to have completed the task in 15 minutes and 17 seconds, Sara, Kathreya Kasisopa and Belinda Harris-Reid cheated by stepping on the bags while Rebecca Shiner used her teeth.

Housemates therefore failed the overall task and did not receive a reward token, though having finished fastest, "team Maysoon" were promised champagne and snacks later that day.

Other news on day 32 in the Big Brother house saw Mikey Hughes put in the jail for discussing nominations while Stuart grew emotional over missing his daughter.

07/07/2008 22:01:01