Big Brother 9 contestant Darnell Swallow has managed to upset another fellow housemate, making Kathreya Kasisopa cry.

The albino contestant has already been warned over his behaviour during the series, after calling Sara Foladi an "ugly b***h".

And he has now sent Kathreya into floods of tears after saying he would have chosen to evict the Thai masseuse if he had been forced to choose between her and Sara.

She ran crying to the diary room, saying: "I'm very, very sad Darnell".

However, Kathreya has made a habit of crying in the house and Darnell remarked: "Get over yourself Kat."

He added: "You are crying for nothing dude. You know damn well we don't want you to go… get outta town Kat".

When Kathreya retorted that she was tired of Darnell's insults, he replied: "That isn't fair! What can I do? I f***ing hate this. Please don't talk to me."

He went on to say that he did not want "some 30-year-old lady making me look s**t".

Kathreya later emerged from the bathroom and asked Darnell if he wanted to discuss the argument.

"No, I don't," he replied. There's nothing to talk about."

01/09/2008 23:01:01