Dale Howard and Stuart Pilkington are facing eviction from the Big Brother house after the eighth round of nominations.

Dale received three votes while four of Stuart's fellow housemates earmarked him to leave.

Darnell Swallow was not permitted to nominate as punishment for crossing the divide between the 'Heaven' and 'Hell' divides while Hell' housemates Kathreya Kasisopa and Mikey Hughes were prevented from casting their vote after failing to eat 300 Brussels sprouts in a recent task.

New contestant Nicole was immune from nomination and banned from nominating having only entered the house on Friday while 'Head of House' Rachel Rice was immune from being nominated.

Talking of Dale, Sara Foladi commented: "I know he really wants to go, and I feel so bad saying this because I really get along with him… but he doesn't let me Kat and Rachel sing.

"He just hates our singing and he goes on about it all the time".

Rachel explained she had nominated Stuart as he has "been hinting to everyone in the house that he wants to go home".

"And I do feel it's sort of like he's been putting pressure on all of us to nominate him and to me he shouldn't be doing that," she added.

Rachel was proved right as Stuart voted for Sara and Mikey.

When Big Brother confirmed that he wished to vote for Sara and Mikey "because you want to face eviction this week and you think that a nomination for them gives you a better chance at this," he agreed.

Voting will close at 21:00 BST on Friday before the live show.

06/08/2008 08:56:54