Big Brother 9 housemate Luke Marsden has attempted to reason why he and Rebecca Shiner have grown so close on the show.

The pair have grown increasingly close in recent weeks, to the extent that Luke's girlfriend prior to entering the house has reportedly dumped the student.

But after the announcement that Rebecca is to face eviction - along with Darnell Swallow and Mohamed Mohamed - Luke has attempted to explain why he and his fellow housemate have developed a relationship.

Speaking in the luxury bedroom talking about their most recent kiss, Luke commented: "The Thursday night it was just a drunken mistake on your part."

He added: "On Sunday, I was just happy to be in 'Heaven'."

And he added that he had only kissed Rebecca on Tuesday as she had found she was up for eviction and he wished to comfort her.

But the 21-year-old student seemed less sure when talking to Big Brother in the diary room later that night, saying: "Rebecca and I may have had another moment last night", and adding that he was unsure how this keeps happening.

"There are two sets of Luke and Rebecca. There's the day time set," he explained of their friendly relationship while around the other housemates.

"At night time, it's almost as like the emotional side of each other comes out and we talk about our feelings," he added.

"I need to exercise some self control."

24/07/2008 22:01:01