Big Brother has set the housemates perhaps their most fiendishly difficult task yet – to be good.

In order to avoid basic rations for the next week, the Channel 4 reality show contestants will have to be on their best behaviour and make sure they do not exhibit any of the seven deadly sins.

Seven of the 13 men and women have been assigned a sin that they have displayed more than any other during their time in the house.

If they fail to curb their greedy, envious or wrathful tendencies then the rest of their housemates will suffer as a result.

Housemates were informed of the task when Big Brother gave a shout out for the "most insightful" contestant to come to the Diary Room.

The mad Rush that followed saw most of the seven deadly sins on show, with Brian boastfully, and improbably, telling Carole and Jonathan: "I'm the most insightful.

"You two don't know nowt. I know stuff about popular culture and youth culture and that."

Carole eventually won through however, with the 53-year-old health worker then designating which housemate was most strongly associated with which sin.

So, Laura got the sloth vote, Tracey was cited as the greediest housemate, Ziggy was named and shamed alongside gluttony, Liam was said to be the most lustful, Amanda most pride-filled, Nicky the most envious and, in a decision that shocked literally no-one, Charley was put in the wrath corner.

If four of the seven housemates manage to go a week without exhibiting any of their designated seven sins then a luxury food budget is their reward, while if all seven pass then they can look forward to a special sin-themed party.

01/07/2007 17:17:41