The five Big Brother housemates who will take part in this Friday's final have won their latest task – rapping about their experiences in the house.

Darnell, Rachel, Mikey, Sara and Rex passed with flying colours after dressing up in special 'rap costumes'.

Contestants had been asked to rap about the housemates they liked the best and least respectively.

During practice, Sara had given herself a big pat on the back when she successfully rapped "in the UK" with "I say". "Oh, that's brilliant, Sara," she said to herself.

And the housemates' prize for passing the task? A chance to watch an episode from this year's series.

After much debate they eventually selected on episode 55 – the cops and robbers task.

Rex was far from happy, however, telling Big Brother in the diary room: "That's the one the house has chosen... I didn't."

Mikey was much more satisfied at seeing himself on television.

"I love Big Brother," he said. "It's the best show ever."

05/09/2008 00:01:00