Big Brother has unveiled the bathroom to housemates.

Yesterday (06.06.09), it was revealed the large blue container on one side of the house was actually the washroom, although only official housemates are allowed to use it.

All fully-fledged contestants were quick to look around the new room - which boasts sinks, a bath and shower - although Saffia Corden, Lisa Wallace and Charlie Drummond stayed the longest.

Saffia said: "It's just nice to be in a different room, isn't it?"

The 27-year-old beauty consultant also jumped into the bath fully-clothed with Charlie.

After the trio had vacated the room, FrEddie George Fisher - who legally changed his name to Halfwit to win a place in the house - decided it was time to cool off and have a shower.

Later, Freddie and Noirin Kelly set up a massage parlour in the living room to help pass time.

The pair welcomed housemates into "Freddie's Massage Parlour" and gave them back, shoulder and neck rubs.

Sree Dasari was so delighted with his massage he said he would marry Freddie.

Freddie replied: "If I were going to get married and you were a girl that would be wonderful."