Ben was elated to be released from the Cougar's Lair last night (14.07.10), after Corin passed her task and picked him to return to the 'Big Brother' house.

The posh Londoner told the girls the lair wasn't the luxury spa they had expected, but more like a "dungeon" with nothing to do.

Ben along with Steve, Dave and Andrew had been locked up in Mario's Mole Hole yesterday (14.07.10) - and only one man was allowed out if the girls passed a task.

The boys watched determined brunette Corin complete her ice challenge on a plasma screen.

After being allowed out, 30-year-old Ben hugged his heroine saying: "Literally everyone was cheering you on. You were fantastic.

"Even Steve said he would have given up."

The broadcaster then vowed to be "more helpful" around the house and promised to wash all the dishes last night.

He then explained how the remaining boys only had one hammock to sleep on - meaning two of them would have to sleep on the floor.

He told the girls: "It's so funny, the boys will be spitting blood in there! Some of them are getting a bit nervy, and you know what I'm like - I've been on the hammock all the time."

But back in the lair, the remaining housemates' luck had changed as Big Brother delivered fast food, alcohol and a hamper of beauty products.

The boys - who were locked in for the night - tucked into the food and booze along with luxury body butters, face masks, and nail polish for a night of pampering.

Andrew told the others: "Tell you what I enjoyed the most? The body butter."

Dave enthusiastically replied: "Yes. We'll bang some more of that on tomorrow.

"I might go for red on my toes and blue on my fingers!"

Steve admitted he might go for a fake tan, while Dave looked confused as he inspected cotton wool pads and asked: "Cosmetic pads? What do you use those for?"