Nicky last night became the fifth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house after receiving 76 per cent of the public vote.

The self-confessed man hater, who earned herself a reputation for being this year's grumpiest housemate, had been up against flamboyant gallery researCher Gerry.

Shocked on hearing of her fate and conscious of the crowds waiting to receive her outside the house the 28-year-old accounts executive from Watford exclaimed: "They were all booing me."

After bidding farewell to her fellow contestants, Nicky characteristically struggled to put a smile on her face as she exited the house to meet BB host Davina McCall.

Interviewed about her time on the reality show, Nicky guessed which of her housemates had put her up for eviction and admitted that she had been "miserable".

Speaking about her relationship with the other BB contestants, she said: "I missed home and stuff and I do have my down days and I did explain that to them."

But while complaining about some of her housemates, Nicky had nothing but kind words for Tracey and Charley – who was put back in the BB house last Friday after being falsely evicted as part of the show's "fake week".

"Charley makes me laugh," revealed Nicky, not renowned for her good humour.

"I know she's wrapped up in herself but there's a different side to her and she was really sweet to me and I won't forget that," Nicky added.

While Nicky won't be remembered by housemates for having a cheery demeanour, it seems that some contestants are already missing her moaning.

Tracey admitted that she was "proper gutted" about her friend's departure in a tearful diary room confession, while Sam told BB that she and twin Amanda were "dead upset" that she had gone.

21/07/2007 09:41:28